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Welcome to our Testimonials page. This is where you can read what others have to say

about our practice.

"Kelly is a wonderful, caring therapist who I would highly recommend to family, friends and anyone who is looking for a good therapist.  She has been a reliable therapist for myself and different family members on and off for over 20 years.  She works exceptionally well with children to help them deal with different problems in their lives.  Kelly is an honest, caring and reliable therapist who I respect tremendously."  -  

Client Quote: Middle-Aged Female

"There were things about myself affecting me in negative ways that Kelly helped me realize and resolve.  Kelly has helped me in becoming HAPPIER  and more productive by listening and caring about what I say." - 

Client Quote: Middle-Aged Male

"I could worry about things and running around to correct it, now it's rotated 100%...I’m doing less work and getting same amount done without the worries…adrenaline rush isn’t there. Things are so clear now.” - 
Client Quote: Middle-Aged Male

"I've appreciated your support, input and insight."

Client Quote: Middle-Aged Female

"When I first started seeing Kelly Jagers, I had just lost my mom and I felt as if I were lost myself. I was withdrawn and incredibly unhappy. I began with seemingly random discussions on what I felt was wrong or missing from my life. Kelly listened to all of my ramblings and, when I was ready, gently gave me action items and forced me to see where my own decisions, thoughts and words were hurting me. Over time, I systematically addressed the issues that she uncovered and began to gain control over my life again. I feel like a new, better and more focused version of my old self. I'll be forever grateful."

Client Quote: Middle-Aged Female

"Kelly is an insightful, understanding and knowledgeable therapist. She helped me become more aware of the dynamics in my family of origin, how those dynamics affected my behavior and the choices I made in other relationships. She is a great listener. Kelly has helped me verbalize my feelings and become more aware of what I want and need. She helped me become more aware of the choices I have, and to make more positive choices in my life. I am a happier and less anxious person because of her guidance."

Client Quote: Middle-Aged Female

"Therapy has improved my attitude and the way I treat myself and family"

Client Quote:Teenage Male

"Our five-year old son has greatly benefited from his time with Ms. Jagers. He has learned to verbally deal with his emotions and has been given tools to help him effectively deal with his parents' divorce. He is eager to return weekly and has seen his counseling as a positive experience. Our weekly therapy sessions have greatly and positively influenced both physical and emotional feelings. His behavior and ability to express himself has improved in a very short time period while looking forward to each therapy session."

Client Quote: Two divorced parents of a five-year old

"I recommend everyone to come in and talk about things every few years to get things off their chest and take away some new ideas."

- Client Quote: 28 Year old male

"Until I talked to you I carried that guilt and shame by myself all 

those years."

- Client Quote: Senior Citizen

"I have had sessions with Kelly Jagers. With these meetings she has targeted some areas that were causing my depression.  Today I am feeling much happier and getting out more and having fun.  Thank you Kelly for your help."

- Client Quote: Middle Aged Female

Kelly Jagers, LMSW, LMFT, PC

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Farmington, MI 48336

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